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What’s Stopping You From Listing Now?

If your future includes moving to a new home or new location, you should consider the reasons why you are not listing your home right now.Read More

Calculate How Much Home You Can Afford

howmuchhomeLearn about the most accurate way to calculate just how much home you can afford without breaking the bank.Read More

7 Reasons to Stop Renting Today

stoprentingtodayMany rental numbers are at historical highs, but according to this author that's part of the reason why you should stop renting and instead look to buy.Read More

Be Glad You Don’t Have to Pay Mom and Dad’s Interest Rate

momanddadsinterestInterest rates have hovered around 3-4% for nearly a decade now and many homebuyers today can't even fathom a world where interest rates were in the double digits.Read More

Stage Your Outdoor Space for Maximum Impact

stageoutdoorspaceIf a major selling point of your property is the outdoor space or deck, it's worth investing some effort in properly staging your backyard to highlight it.Read More

Common Curb Appeal Problems and How to Fix Them

curbappealproblemsA home's curb appeal is the first impression you give for your buyer and there are some common curb appeal problems that can be fixed.Read More

Rising Home Prices Are Great for Homeowners

risinghomepricesIt's no surprise, but the housing supply crisis in many areas that is causing home prices to rise dramatically is great for home owners whose equity has gone up $14,000 on average.Read More

Great Ways to Say Hello to New Neighbors

sayhellotoneighborsStarting off on the right foot with your new neighbors is crucial and this author presents a nice way to meet and welcome new neighbors.Read More

3 Questions to Ask When Buying Your Dream Home

threequestions to askThough many home buyers will bring up the financial implications first when asked why they are buying a home, there are some factors which ultimately may be more important.Read More

Consumer Watchdog Makes it Easier to Sue Banks

consumerssuebankConsumers who have been victimized by big banks are now able to more easily band together to sue banks if needed because of a recent change in rules by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.Read More